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Okay... About ME.
Mario Micheli
Mario Micheli
That’s right, New Rail is primarily me, Mario Micheli. I have over twenty years of experience in design, advertising and new media. Coming from a small Milwaukee agency background has allowed me to learn what it takes to effectively compete in a challenging marketplace.

Bidding for work against larger, more recognizable names required me to develop my creativity and gain expertise in strategic ways. The result is a layered base of experience in branding, illustration, corporate ID, web development, art direction, animation – even apparel and store fixture design. I have also produced radio and television commercials.

Because of all this, I am able to offer a high level of service to small businesses that may not be able to afford to hire a large ad agency. Much more important than that basic value proposition however, is my main focus on finding ways to open the door of possibilities.

Through the years, I have learned that by simply taking the time to listen carefully to the client, I am able to partner with them in creating a vision and path to future development and brand establishment. With the right brand strategy, the goals become that much more attainable.

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